The Crow has long been a symbol of personal transformation and growth, as well as a reminder to tap into our unique instinctual wisdom.
In the yoga world, Kakasana, more informally known as Crow Pose, is the embodiment of strength, focus and balance.





At Crow Yoga, it is our mission to support our students in exploration of their own personal growth and inner wisdom. Self-love and care are first priority, and we encourage students to celebrate their body's strengths and unique abilities.

Our purpose is to guide students through sequences that challenge, while honoring the true, natural movement and shape of each individual. Whether new to yoga or experienced, our teachers can help support you on your yoga path.

We believe that yoga practice takes us on a journey of mindfulness, focus, self-discovery. In connecting with the body, we can connect with the self.

Welcome to Crow Yoga Studio. We are honored that you have chosen our  community, and we look forward to seeing you on the mat! Namaste.