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Carla Speer

Carla began practicing yoga in 2010, checking out yoga DVDs from the library.  At first, strong flows were what attracted her to the practice.  Six years ago, she began a journey of living with a chronic illness.  At that point, slow flows, yin, and restorative became daily tools to alleviate the pain in her body.  That daily practice time became sacred; a time to worship, a time to experience the healing power of yoga, a time to just be.  Carla’s personal practice is focused on uniting with God and moving with gratitude and devotion.  Carla loves the playfulness of yoga, the beauty of the movement and the room to explore that yoga provides.  She believes that yoga is for every body and is an advocate of modifications and prop use to help each individual truly enjoy and benefit from their practice.  Yoga has been such a gift to Carla, and she wishes to pass on that gift to each person that comes into her classes.