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Andrea McLaughlin

Andrea has been a devoted yoga practitioner for over eight years. In 2014, a job relocated her to the Pacific Northwest, where she found an even deeper connection with yoga.
After her relocation, Andrea found herself feeling lost, confused, and anxious much of the time. She found that committing herself to her yoga practice daily helped relieve much of her angst. It was then that she felt the true power of yoga and made it her life's purpose to share that power with others.
In her classes, Andrea teaches students to become aware of breath and unique body sensation. Bringing awareness to individuality in postures, her gentle encouragement helps students enter into poses that feel good in the body. Additionally, she is passionate about making sure the body is fully warmed up before beginning deeper movement. For Andrea, safety comes first, and she guides her students through poses in a safe, supported manner throughout her classes.
Beyond yoga postures, Andrea brings a calming and joyful energy to the yoga room. She thinks of yoga as a retreat, and wants to share that experience with her students, and with the world.
When Andrea is not on her yoga mat, you can find her spending time with the loves of her life, her husband, and orange tabby. She enjoys blogging about yoga and life, cooking nourishing meals in the kitchen, hiking, and connecting with friends.

Andrea also offers private yoga sessions. To set up a private session, contact her at andrea@lloveraholistic.com. For more information about her services visit her website at www.andreamclaughlin.net.