Alyssa Mehs

Alyssa first took yoga as a class in college in order to reduce stress and maintain flexibility and strength as a competitive Scottish Highland dancer. She immediately found a deeper connection to the practice and continued classes at various studios after graduation.
In 2014, she found herself recovering from hip surgery due to improper repetitive movement throughout her dance career. The event left her weak, stiff, and emotionally drained, so she sought out yoga as a way to cope and grow. This time the mind-body connection was much deeper, and a daily practice helped to improve almost every aspect of her life. The yoga studio became a sanctuary and teacher training was a natural next step. She is determined to use the tenants of yoga and good body alignment to help her own dance students improve and compete at a high level without sacrificing their body's well being. She is passionate about helping both dance and yoga students honor their bodies, minds, and personal limits while challenging themselves.

Alyssa also offers Scottish Highland Dance Classes at Crow Yoga Studio. Check out for more information.